Volcano Sakurajima creates White World after eruption



Mt.Sakurajima’s volcanic ash covered Kagoshima City with white color.
I feel as if I am on another planet.




Sakurajima Calmed Down?

I felt anxious and observed the volcano from the balcony.
The volcano is keeping erupting, but it seems to have calmed down to the great extent.
Is it “the silence after the storm“, isn’t it?
It is really like my mam who just took her spite on on my dad.


Volcanoes are getting Active Worldwide

Yesterday the news of eruption at Okinoerabu Island surprised not only Kagoshima people but only whole Japanese people.
The alert level of the island reached maximum level 5. All islanders evacuated from the island. I feel sorry for puppy and kittens left on the island…
Recently many volcanoes are active world wide. Those mountains include, Mt.Ontake, Mt.Hakone, Mt.Calbuco (Chili) and the like.
There are many volcanoes in Kagoshima alone (ex. Mt.Kaimon, Mt.Shinmoe, Io Island).
Where is the next place of eruption? I am feeling anxious.



1 ash causes 2 headache in Kagoshima

The falling ash causes 2 calamities for people in Kagoshima.
First calamity is falling ash just after the eruption.
Second calamity (which many people don’t know) is the the ash accumulated on roads is blown by wind or car. I can hardly breath outside!
Fortunately it is forecast that the rain will fall today! I feel so LUCKY!
I hope the rain wash away accumulated ash on the streets as soon as possible so that I can go out!