Beautiful Volcano Sakurajima in Kagoshima, Japan!




Typhoon approaches to southeast islands but…

The typhoon no.9 approaches to Japan and will pass to China at this weekend.

I wish if the typhoon brings more winds to Kagoshima. But there is almost no winds in Kagoshima today and I sweated a lot when I walk to my workplace.

When typhoon no.6 approaches to Kagoshima, the eruption of smoke was headed for north due to strong south wind.

Typhoon no.6 (11 May 2015)

The above video was taken at my previous apartment.

I feel as if I lived there long time ago.


Today’s Sakurajima

Morning sunlight is reflected on the straight between Kagoshima City and Sakurajima!

I wish if I had a magic broom and commute to my workplace at a instant.


Big Eruption after long interval

Sakurajima made several eruptions today.

I edited the video at 4-times fast speed.

When you live in Kagoshima, you have to be always careful about wind direction.

Otherwise, your wet clothes at balcony turns to get BLACK due to falling ashes of Sakurajima.




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