Kagoshima Volcanoes – Active Kuchinoerabu and Calm Sakurajima




Mt.Sakurajima hides himeself

Mt. Sakurajima raised the smoke of 4,000-meter class twice on May 21.
Mt. Sakurajima might have been very proud of himeself because many TV channel widely broadcast eruptions.
However, new Shindake of Kuchinoerabu Island made BIGGER eruption on the morning of May 29th.
The height of smoke reached up to 9,000 meters. The eruption scale is double of Mt.Sakurajima.
It must be a shocking news for Mt.Sakurajima. He feels very shy and hides himself in clouds this morning.

Mt.Sakurajima recorded 600th eruption!

Despite of the shocking news of Shindake, Mt.Sakurajima recorded 606th eruption in 2015. The volcano has erupted 100 times a month. The eruption number will reach 1,200 at the end of 2015.
Active volcanic activity of Mt.Sakurajima gives me lots of energy, but I hope the volcano will not erupt much ash which had fallen on Kagoshima City.


Compare Shindake and Sakurajima

The height of Mt.Sakurajima is 1,117m and that of Shindake is 626m. The crater of Mt.Sakurajima is 337m and that of Shindake is 200m. Mt.Sakurajima made first big eruption in history in 1468 while Shindake made it on 1841. So, Mt.Sakurajima is much bigger and senior than Shindake. If I was Mt.Sakurajima, I would feel as if the new university graduate suddenly becomes my boss! How embarrassing!

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