Volcano Sakurajima is about to erupt massively in Kagoshima, Japan?



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Sakurajima this morning

The eruption alert of the volcano Sakurajima has remained at 4 (prepare for evacuation) since 14 August.

I took the following video of the volcano on my way to workplace.

Beautiful sunshine is falling on water surface of Kagoshima Bay from cloudy sky.

The volcano looks very calm, but many small earthquakes have been taking place since 14 August.


Sudden Earthquake

When we were having dinner last night, the earthquake suddenly happened.

I dashed to the balcony of my apartment and watched the volcano Sakurajima, but it didn’t erupt.

source: tenki.jp

The center of the earthquake is located in Tanegashima Island.

Kagoshima City and Tanegashima recorded the seminar intensity of 3.

I feel this it the indication of the massive eruption of Sakurajima. I feel very uneasy…