Volcano Sakurajima’s Scenery – Erupting Active Volcano and Life of Local People –




Typhoon Nankar is coming to Sakurajima!

Typhoon approaches to Kagoshima, but strangely enough, it is fine in Kagoshima today.

Maybe because of recent high temperature, the shape of the volcano is fuzzy due to fog. I want to have a clearer view!

But white clouds are flowing high in the sky, that makes me feel very good.


Volcano and Life of People

“Do you know that people are living in Sakurajima?”

My friend asked me with astonished face. He is from Tokyo.

The answer is YES. About 4,600 people live in Sakurajima (as of January 2015).

Source: http://www.sakurajima.gr.jp/

For my friend, it is unbelievable that people are living on the active volcano. He thought it was too dangerous.


I am Sakurajima Fan

Sakurajima is famous for production of Sakurajima-Daikon (Big Raddish) and Sakurajima-Komikan (Small Orange). The island is also famous for its pleasant hot springs.

Many tourists visit the island from nationwide and other countries every year.

I have been born and raised in Kagoshima, but I love Sakurajima and goes to the island to enjoy hot springs and beautiful scenery several times a year.

I love taking foot bath just after I arrive in Sakurajima by ferry.



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