Typhoon Halola passed Kagoshima! How is Sakurajima? How to name typhoons?




Sakurajima after Typhoon Halola passed

I took the video of Sakurajima from the balcony of my apartment.

Thick rainy clouds covers the top of the volcano.

It seems that the typhoon has not caused any serious damages. I called up my parents in Ibusuki City and they told me their house was safe.

It rains sometimes and volcanic ashes of Sakurajima fell on Kagoshima City today. My car got very dirty!


Typhoons Name in Japanese and English

In Japan, typhoons are numbered according in chronological order.

On the other hand, each typhoon is named in the US.

For example, typhoon no.12 is called HALOLA in English.

Halola is named after the Hawaiian person because it gave birth in Hawaii.


How to name typhoon

In the US, 140 names are already decided for typhoons.

If the typhoon caused serous calamity, its name is eliminated from the list and a new name is supplemented.

Source: unchiku01.com

In the past, I made a big mistake at my workplace and my boss called me a useless personnel.

I have continued to work at the same workplace so far. But if I had been a typhoon, I should have been eliminated from the list of personnel!



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