Massive Eruption of Mt.Sakurajima! The smoke reached 3,300m!


I enjoyed walking at lunch break when I noticed the huge eruption.


Eruption Video

I could manage to took the video by my smartphone.


Today’s eruption of Mt.Sakurajima

Mt. Sakurajima itself cannot be seen in rainy clouds.
I can only see the eruptive smoke above the clouds.
Recently many TV channels have paid more attention to the activities of Kuchinoerabu Island than Mt.Sakurajima.


Rainy Season Started

July is the time of the rainy season in Kagoshima.
In 2014, Kagoshima entered into rainy season on 2 June.
Kagoshima will soon enter the season as weather forecast says it will be rainy all the week.
It is the shame that I could not see Mt.Sakurajima during the season. I’m lonely.


Kuchinoerabu Island

Kuchinoerabu Island made a big eruption on 29 May.
The eruption smoke of the island reached as high as 9,000m.