Volcano Mt. Sakurajima’s Unique LAWSON (convenience store)


The weather has been fine from yesterday in Kagoshima.
I can see the perfect view of Mt.Sakurajima with sunlight from my apartment.

Volcano Sakurajima with beautiful sunlight (21 May 2015)

Did you know?
Have you ever been to convenience store Lawson?
Usually the color of Lawson is blue, but interesting enough, Sakurajima’s Lawson is brown (Lava stone’s color).
It is because Lawson adjust its color to surrounding beautiful scenery of National Park following the request of Kagoshima Prefecture.
The Lawson is located near the Sakurajima Ferry Terminal.
If you buy ferry tickets in the machine inside the Lawson, you can get discount.

Life in Kagoshima
If you live near Mt.Sakurajima, you cannot help but feel the big power of the earth.
When Mt.Sakurajima erupts, ash falls and earthquake accompanies. Local people have lived with the active volcano for centuries and Mt.Sakurajima has nurtured respects for nature among people.



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