SUSHI BAR’s Unique Delivery System! Check out before you travel to Japan!



Please check out this Sushi restaurant system before you travel to Japan so as not to get embarrassed!

You order Sushi on the touch panel at Japanese Sushi Bar.


In some cases, store staff deliver Sushi to you.
But in most cases, the small train will automatically bring you Sushi and you must take Sushi from the train and bush the button to let the train return to kitchen.


Some of my friends forgot to press the button.

Other friends took Suchi whith other people ordered!

So, please be careful!!!
There are many Sushi restaurants in Japan.

But most of them are stale and not so delicious, this is especially true of big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka.

It takes time to carry fresh fishes from port to restaurant in large cities.

So please traveled to Kagoshima, which is famous for production of various kinds of fish.

You can have fresh and delicious Sushi here!




Kagoshima Love!