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Beautiful Illumination of Shiroyama Hotel Kagoshima


Winter illumination is lighted in Shiroyama Hotel Kagoshima from November to February.Why not enjoy the illumination w…

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Dolphin Port Illumination (Kagoshima City)


This article introduces illumination of Dolphin Port at Kagoshima City, Japan.How about walking around and enjoying il…

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Satsuma Kiriko Illumination of Amu Plaza Kagoshima @ Kagoshima City, Japan


When winter comes, a huge illumination is lighted up at Amu Plaza Kagoshima of Kagoshima Chuo Station. (more…)…

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Beautiful Illumination of Minato Odori Street @ Kagoshima City, Japan


This article introduces Christmas illumination of Minato Odori Street, Kagoshima City, Japan.The illumination is so be…

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Riverside Market of Kotsuki River @ Kagoshima City, Japan


This article introduces riverside market along Kotsuki river.The maeket is helad every year in autumn. You can see man…

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Taniyama Gokoku Shrine @ Kagoshima City, Japan


This article introduces Taniyama Gokoku Shrine.This shrine worships those who died at the war period. (more…)…

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Beautiful Cosmos Flowers of Jigenji Park @ Kagoshima City


This article introduces cosmos flowers of Jigenji park at Kagoshima City.When autums (October - November) come, beauti…

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Beautiful Blue Nemophila Flowers of Jigenji Park @ Kagoshima City, Japan


This article introduces the nemophila flower of Jigenji Park.5-6 nemophila flowers come into bloom in every Spring (Ma…

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Delicious Lunch of Yoshokuya Aozora @ Higashitaniyama, Kagoshima City


This article introduces the restaurant "Yoshokuya Aozora".At first glance the restraurant is not something special, bu…

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Lu Piccola @Murasakibaru, Kagoshima City


This shop is popular for delicious biscuits and tarts. (more…)…

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