Delicious Lunch of Yoshokuya Aozora @ Higashitaniyama, Kagoshima City


This article introduces the restaurant “Yoshokuya Aozora”.

At first glance the restraurant is not something special, but the food is very delicous.

Especially hamburger steak and omelet rice are nice.



Access & Parking

It takes !0 minutes by foot from city tram station “Taniyama” or 5 minutes by foot from JR Taniyama Station.

The restaurant has blue tile. The restraurant is located at the cross street of Prefectural Road No. 20.


Please be noted that the parking lot besides the restaurant doesn’t belong to the restaurant.

If you drive a car to the restaurant, please park the car at as indicated the following photo.


You can park the car at no.14 to no.23.




Kind shop staff welcomed us once we entered the restaurant.


The shop is clean and the seats got quickly full after we entered the restaurant.


We heared that members of the local soccer team “Kagoshima United” freaquently have lunch at the restaurant.


Second floor is the Japanese style seat.


There is the space for kids where small children enjoy drawing pictures in addition to playing toys and reading books.


Chairs for small children are available, too.

We found that staff were kind to children.



Following is the menu of the restaurant. Omelet rice, pasta and hamburger steak are listed on the manu.


Staff told us that omulet rice and hamberger steak are popular.

Among omulet rice, the restaurant master says the Satsuma Omulet are particulary popular and we decided to order it.

The restaurant also has take-out menu as shown is the following photo.



Lunch for Small Children


My husband and I took the bite of the lunch and found that that not only children but also many adults would like those humberger steak, past and cheeze omulet.

Our children like those foods and ate up all of them on the plate.


Satsuma Omulet Rice



“Satsuma” is the name of the fudal province which existed in Kagoshima.

Kagoshima’s typical food such as chicken, shochu alchohol and black sugar are used in the lunch.



Japanese Hamburger Steak

Once restaurant staff poured special source on the steak, jucy smell of meat spread in front of me and stimulated my appertite.



The source is very nice.



Staff are very nice to our children. The restaurant has the good atmosphere where family can get relaxed.

We were glad that staff gave our children small toys as souvenirs when we left the restaurant.

Later we found that those toys belong to the lunch. Our chilren asked us to re-visit the restaurant many times on our way home.

Price of lunch of the restaurant is relatively high, but lunch itself is very delicious.

I recoomend you to have lunch at the restaurant at the special occasions such as birthday or anniversary.

The restaurant is worth of visiting!

You cannot use credit cards for payment. Only Japanese yen is available.


Restaurant Information of Yoshokuya Aozora

Open Hour

11:00-14:00, 18:00-22:00






Higashitaniyama 5-28-1, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan



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