White Sakurajima with Snow & “Ke-Arashi” Phenomenon



It rarely snows in hot-tempered Kagoshima every year. But this year is special. The snow covered whole Kagoshima on 25 January 2016.


Sakurajima Snow

It was my first time to see the Sakurajima covered with snow. The thickness of snow recorded 12 cm on that day. Snow was also recognized in Amami Island (240 mile south of Kagoshima) in 115 years. Whole Kagoshima city turned into white on that day. The temperature recorded -5 degrees Celsius at Kagoshima City in 39 years. I felt as if outside coldness would cut off my years. I took the following video on my way to workplace. The beautiful white view of Sakurajima impressed me so much and left me at a loss for words.


“Steam Mist” Phenomenon

If you watch the video carefully, steam mist is floating on the water surface of Kagoshima Bay. This phenomenon is called “Ke-Arashi” in Japanese (It is originally the dialect of Hokkaodo, the north of Japan). The phenomenon is occasionally seen in north part of Japan Sea during winter season. Ke-Arashi is created by cold air moving from land to sea in the morning and decreasing the temperature of water moisture on the water. 


From Tarumizu Ferry Terminal

I took the following video in January 2015. The volcano looks like Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa Continent.

It rarely snows in Kagoshima. So, everyone got delighted if it snows despite of bitter coldness. Many people made snow men on streets. 🙂

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