Introduction “Volcano Sakurajima Ash Ice Cream” – Edible Volcanic Ash? Unique Addictive Snack in Kagoshima, Japan –



Very strange ice cream. The name is “Sakurajima Volcanic Ash Ice Cream”. Speaking of Kagoshima Prefecture (Japan), the most famous place is the active volcano Mt. Sakurajima. I have been born and raised in Kagoshima, but it was my first time to see such kind of ice cream! As the Kagoshima blogger, I made up my mind to take a bite of it…


Unique Ice Cream

I came to Shiroyama Observatory in Kagoshima, where is the famous viewing spot of Mt.Sakurajima. I found the very unique ice cream at the small shop.

I could not believe that such kind of ice cream would ever exist in my hometown…! Those ice cream are named “Volcanic Ash”.


The package is very similar to general ice cream. It is as big as that of Häagen-Dazs!




Context of Sakurajima Ice Cream

I slowly opened the lid of Sakurajima ice cream.

The color is grey (same as the volcanic ash) as I expected. But what are these many tiny black grains? Is the ice cream EDIBLE?

Brown sugar lumps are placed at the center. They seem to imitate rocks of volcanic lava.


Side look of the ice cream cup

sakurajima ice cream

Let’s get taste of it! But I feel a bit scared…


How is the taste?



Following picture is myself just after eating Sakurajima ice cream.


I am at a loss for word…



Ingredients of Sakurajima Ice Cream

Once you put it in your mouse, you felt gritty in my mouth !

When the volcano Sakurajima erupts and ash falls on myself, sometimes I have the similar feeling in my mouth.

sakurajima ice cream

I checked the ingredients of the ice cream. BAMBOO ASH seems to create gritty texture of volcanic ash. But it was my first time to know that the bamboo ash was edible.

Volcanic lava stones (brown sugar) leave crunchy texture in your mouth.

I took the picture of Mt.Sakurajima and Sakurajima ice cream.


When you travel to Kagoshima, Japan, don’t to forget to get taste of this distinctive but addictive ice cream!



Volcanic Ash in Kagoshima City

Sometimes the volcano Mt.Sakurajima erupts enormously and massive amount of ash fall on city.

I took the following video on 29 May 2015. Massive amount of ash turned whole Kagoshima city into GREY COLOR!

It is very hard to breathe and you can hardly see in front of you when you drive a car!!!

And my mouth is very uncomfortable with ash. *weep*




Where to Eat Ice Cream?

I had the ice cream at the end of road of Shiroyama Observatory. You can have a very nice view of Mt.Sakurajima and Kagoshima City. The observatory is about 108m above the sea level.

The observatory is filled with people at weekends. There is a free parking lot for car.

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