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Moment of Eruption – Volcano Sakurajima – (05:17, 18 April 2015)

VOLCANO SAKURAJIMA erupted at 05:17 on 18 April 2015!This is the 383rd eruption in 2015!I just caught the moment of …

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Active volcanoes – Sakurajima & Kaimondake –

There are many active volcanoes in Japan.I introduce two of those volcanoes in Kagoshima.SakurajimaThis is very …

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Symbol of Kagoshima – Sakurajima Volcano –

It is cloudy and rainy in Kagoshima today.Half part of the Sakurajima is covered by clouds.Following video is taken …

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Volcano SAKURAJIMA erupted enormously!

Sakurajima is the active volcano at south of Japan.The volcano is the symbol of Kagoshima prefecture.Eruption and …

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Sakurajima eruption getting active!

Sakurajima is the famous volcano in Kagoshima, south of Japan.As of 25th March 2015, the eruption took place more th…

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Sakurajima over KOSA fog (yellow sand storm from China), Japan’s air pollution problems

Japanese people are very sensitive about the air condition outside.When spring comes, Japanese TV broadcasts the amoun…

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Sakurajima Eruption (videos and introduction)

Sakurajima is the symbol of Kagoshima.It erupts almost every day! Since 2015 year started, more than 200 times of erup…

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Sakurajima Big Eruption in the morning!

When I woke up this morning, the volcano "Sakurajima" just erupted.I took the video from the balcony of my apartment…

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Water Flont “DOLPHIN PORT” – Nice Place for Lunch and viewing Mt.Sakurajima –

Dolphin Port is a complex building for many shops and restaurant near Sakurajima Ferry Terminal. (more…)…

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Sakurajima viewed from Dolphin Port, Kagoshima City, Japan!

This is the video of Sakurajima Island, Kagoshima.Sakurajima is an active volcano. Its height is 1,117…

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We take the videof Mt. Sakurajima every day. Please watch and enjoy!
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