Water Flont “DOLPHIN PORT” – Nice Place for Lunch and viewing Mt.Sakurajima –



Dolphin Port is a complex building for many shops and restaurant near Sakurajima Ferry Terminal.


Great View of Mt. Sakurajima

Many local people enjoy shopping and having lunch here. In addition, you can have a great view of Mt. Sakurajima and Kagoshima Bay (Kinko Bay). The contrast of blue ocean and Mt. Sakurajima is very beautiful! Please have a look at the following video.

Every time I come here, I enjoy free foot bath. When my friends visit me from foreign countries, I sometimes take them and enjoy foot bath together while enjoying viewing Mt. Sakurajima. (It is a bit hot in summer though)

source: http://www.kagoshima-yokanavi.jp/


Enjoy taking foot bath and watching ocean!


Nice Shops & Restaurant


There are many kinds of restaurants and shops. My wife likes Sushi bar where is full of jolly atmosphere. We love to have green tea ice cream at 2nd floor. If you want to get taste of some Kagoshima local food, why not have Amami-no-keihan at 2nd floor? Amami-no-keihan is chicken soup rice with eggs and pickles. You can also enjoy Kagoshima’s famous Kurobuta which is pork of Kagoshima traditional black pigs. 


Other Information


(Tram) Please take a tram and get off at Izuro station. Then walk toward sea. Tram fare is about 160 yen. It takes about 10 minutes from Tenmonkan to the Dolphin Port by foot. If you walk to north only 500 meter, you can arrive at Sakurajima Ferry Terminal to go to Sakurajima.

(Kagorin Bicycle) There is a Kagorin port at Dolphin Port. It takes about 15 minutes from Kagoshima Chuo Station.

Parking Lot

Free for first 30 minutes. The fee can be discounted by shopping.



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