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Iwakawa-Hachiman Shrine – Hometown for Legendary Giant Yagoro-don – (Soo City)

I visited Iwakawa-Hachiman Shrine after watching the festival "Yagoro-don's Hamakudari (Procession)" . (more…)…

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Misaki Shrine – Southernmost Shrine in Japan – (Minamiosumi Town)

misaki shrine

We visited the exotic Japanese shrine "Misaki-Jinja" on our way to the southern tip of Japan's mainland. This article in…

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Kamou Big Camphor Tree : Biggest Tree in Japan (Kamo, Aira City, Kagoshima, Japan)

Do you know where the biggest Japanese tree is located? The answer is "Kamou Town" of Kagoshima Prefecture. The camphor …

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Introduction of Udo Shrine – Throw Good Luck Ball for Safe Birth – (Nichinan City)

We visited Udo Shrine to pray for safe birth of my wife. The shrine is famous for offering safe birth, machmaking, happy…

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Introduction of “Nanshu Shrine” – Saigo Takamori & Soldiers of Satsuma Ribellion (1877) –


I went to Nanshu Shrine commemorates Saigo Takamori (1828-1877) and his supporters who died in Satsuma Ribellion (1877).…

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Introduction “Myoken Shrine” for Easy Birth – Worships the Oldest God in Japan –


My wife has been pregnant for 5 months. In Japan when a woman gets pregnant, she goes to shrine with a maternity belt on…

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Kagoshima Shrine – worships God of Sea –


Visit Kagoshima ShrineKagoshima Shrine is only a stone drop from Gokoku Shrine in Kagoshima City, Japan. I decided to …

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Ibusuki Shrine – Huge Camphor Trees and Unique Paper Fortune

Visit to Ibusuki ShrineMy wife and I made a visit to Ibusuki shrine at Ibusuki City, Kagoshima, Japan. (Ibusuk…

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Kagoshima’s Gokoku Shrine – Famous Sazare Stone in Japan National Anthem –


Visit to Gokoku Shrine of KagoshimaI have lived at Kagoshima City for more than 3 years, but never been to the Gokok…

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NITTA SHRINE – Praying Safe Birth of Child & Worship Japanese Emperor’s Ancestor “NINIGI”

Reason for Visiting Nitta ShrineMy wife has been pregnant for 4 months as of October 2015. She has been ve…

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