Kagoshima Shrine – worships God of Sea –




Visit Kagoshima Shrine

Kagoshima Shrine is only a stone drop from Gokoku Shrine in Kagoshima City, Japan. I decided to visit the shrine because my wife says the shrine is her favorite.

The shrine is located at the west of Shiroyama (108m).

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鹿児島神社 kagoshima shrine japan

The shrine is smaller than Gokoku Shrine, but has longer tradition and history than Gokoku Shrine does.

鹿児島神社の入り口 kagoshima shrine japan


Worship Water God at Mountain!?

Can you imagine which God Kagoshima Shrine worships?


The answer is… Kagoshima Shrine worships the God of Ocean (Japanese name: Watatsumi). For this reason, local fishermen have worshiped Kagoshima Shrine for centuries for their safety at sea and big catch of fishes.

If you go to right just after entering the shrine gate, there are many stone monuments of Water God.

鹿児島神社 水神 kagoshima shrine water god japan

However, I still don’t understand why such shrine worships God of Sea despite its location at the back of mountain far from coastline (over 5 kilo meter). 

I will make research about this mystery and I will keep you updated later!




Huge Camphor Trees of Kagoshima Shrine

Large camphor tree stands besides Kagoshima Shrine. Generally speaking, many Japanese shrines have camphor trees and designate them as sacred trees. However, the camphor tree of Kagoshima Shrine is very different from other trees of other shrines, because the tree is very lively and is full of life power. Strong sunset light highlights the beauty of the camphor tree.

鹿児島神社 クスノキ 楠 camphor tree kagoshima shrine

Unconsciously I punched the huge body of the tree in order to pay respect to its long-lasting and strong power of life.

鹿児島神社 クスノキ kagoshima shrine camphor tree



Sacred seal of Kagoshima Shrine


I received a sacred seal of Kagoshima Shrine in order to pray for the safe birth of our child.


Video of Kagoshima Shrine

My wife is walking in front of me. She looks healthy so far!



Place and Access of Kagoshima Shrine

TEL: 099-222-9380

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