Iwata Shrine of Safe Birth Benefit at Kirishima City, Kagoshima, Japan



This article introduces Iwata Shrine in Kirishima City, Kagoshima, Japan.

The shrine is famous for benefits of safe birth.

If one of your family or friends will give a birth to child soon, why not visit the shrine to make prayer?


Access & Parking Lot

It takes about 15 minutes from Kirishima Mizobe IC or Hayato Higashi IC by car.

Following picture shows an entrance to the shrine and there is a parking lot on the left side.




A big stone monument stood near the parking lot. The characters on the monuments are “Ruin of Takachiho Castle”.


In the past, the God Ninigi moved from heaven to the earth to rule the earth.

Ninigi’s son, Hoori ruled the earth at this Takachiho Castle for 580 years.

Kagoshima Jingu Castle had stood and worshipped Hoori and his wife Toyotamahime at the ruin of Takachiho Castle.

After Kagoshima Jingu Castle moved to the current place, Iwata Shrine was built at the ruin of Takachiho Castle.


Shrine Gate


There is a slope so that pregnant women can move to near the main building of the shrine by car.



How to read name of the shrine 石體神社

According to the explanation board of the shrine, the correct way to read the name of the shrine is “Iwata” shrine.



Main Building

Let’s make a prayer at the shrine.


Guardian dogs stood at the both side of the shrine. Dog is famous for safe birth.


A red and white shrine and green forests create beautiful contrast.



Visitors hang many ema at heart-shaped frame.


Visitors have written sentences to wish safe birth or to thank for safe birth of their children on ema.


Dog Day


On Dog Day (1st dog day of zodiac of 5th month of pregnancy), many pregnants come to the shrine and make prayers.

If the Dog Day is the public holiday, sometimes they make a long line to wait for prayer.


Safe Birth Stone

Stone tower is almost buried by many stones.


There is one custome when a pregnant makes a prayer at Iwata Shrine.

She take one of those stones when she makes a prayer for safe birth and returns 2 stones to this place after birth.

By the way, which God does the shrine worships?


Gods of Shrine

Iwata Shrine worships 2 Gods. Both Gods have benefits for safe birth.


Hoori was good at hunting, while his older brother was good at fishing.

One day brothers exchanged bow and fishing rod, but Hoori lost the hook of fishing rod of the older brother and drove him mad.

Hoori visited the Sea Palace to search for hook.

Hoori met a beautiful lady Toyotamahime, a daughter of God of Sea, at the Palace and they soon got married.

After Hoori returned to the land, he defeated the older brother with the help of God of Sea and became the ruler.

Hoori is famous for the benefits of business prosperity, sea navigation, and love.

One of the most famous shrines which worships Hoori is Kagoshima Jingu Shrine at Kirishima City.

His sacred tomb is located at Takaya Sanryo at Kirishima City.


Toyotamahime is the wife of Hoori, a daughter of God of Sea and a grandmother of the first emperor of Japan.

She is the famous God for safe birth, sea navigation and love.

Her face is as beautiful as a pearl.

It is said that she gave birth to her son very smoothly and quickly before building of her maternity place was completed. 

One of the most famous shrines which worship Toyotamahime is Toyotamahime Shrine at Minamikyushu City.

Her sacred tomb is located near Toyotamahime Shrine.


Information of Sacred Seal

There is no shrine office.


Information of Iwata Shrine


Hayatocho, Kirishima City, Kagoshima, Japan


The shrine is famous for benefits of safe birth.


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