Beautiful “Yoshino Park” at Kagoshima City : Beautiful Ume Tree, Cherry Blossom and Volcano Mt.Sakurajima



Yoshino Park is located at the north of Kagoshima City. The park is at high place and you can see the volcano Sakurajima and Kagoshima City. You can appreciate various flowers and trees according to each different season. The most beautiful is the Sakura (Cherry Blossom) in Spring.


Introduction Video


GURIBU at Entrance


Kagoshima character GURIBU welcome you at the entrance of the Park.    


Ume Trees in February

When I visited the park in February, Ume (Japanese plum tree) was in full-bloom.


Ume trees are beautiful in Yoshino Park. Before cherry blossoms start to blossom in , Ume trees start to blossom from January and in full-bloom in February.  There are some unique type of UME trees in the park.    




Why Japanese Cherish Ume?

If you visit Japan in winter, you can see many beautiful UME trees. They are most beautiful in February. (I took the above video in the end of February at Yoshino Park) After UME, cherry blossoms are in full-broom from March to April. Ume is one of 3 good luck trees in Japan. Other 2 trees are pine and bamboo. Those 3 good luck trees are not so beautiful as cherry blossoms, but they can survive in bitter coldness in winter while cherry blossoms cannot open their petals until warm spring comes. This is the reason why Ume is the symbol of the popular tree and popular among Japanese.    


Difference of Ume and Cherry Blossom

When you arrived in Japan, you maybe don’t know how to distinguish UME and SAKURA.

They look very similar at first glance. So even some Japanese people cannot tell the difference. Let me explain the difference!

Please take a close look at the shape of flower petals.

(Ume tree is round)


(Cherry blossom has cuts on the petal’s edge)




View Mt. Sakurajima

You can feel Sakurajima very close to you at this park!

Do you want to see SAKURAJIMA from the best position? If that is the case, I recommend you to go to Yoshino Park at the north of Kagoshima City. The city is located on the high place and you can get the perfect view of the volcano and Kagoshima City.    





In addition to beautiful view of the Kagoshima, you can appreciate many kinds of plants in the park. In March and April, you can see many beautiful Sakura (cherry blossoms) 01-2   Many local families go on a picnic for Hanami (appreciation of cherry blossom) in March and April. Even if you come to the park in different seasons, you can enjoy different flowers and trees. Please refer to the article when I visit the park in February. UME plum trees are particularly beautiful in February. 2015-03-01_104151   DSC_0009 There is a typical Japanese garden in the park. The atmosphere is calm and comfortable in the garden.


Access to Yoshino Park

Take bus at Kagoshima-Chuo Station at 東3 (east 3). It takes about 25 minutes if there is no traffic congestion. Bus fare is about 310 yen per 1 adult. When you return to Kagoshima City, the buses run from Yoshino Park every hour. Please check the updated time schedule.


Great view of Mt. Sakurajima




Natural Beauty
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