Delicous Chocolate Drink : GODIVA (AMU PLAZA Kagoshima-Chuo Shop)



Speaking of Kagoshima, which sweets do come up in your mind? Are they sweet potatoes or Shirokuma ice cream? My recommendation is none of them, but chocolate today! My wife and I think that the chocolate at this shop is really delicious. Every time I go to Kagoshima Chuo Station, we drop by the shop.


GODIVA at Amu Plaza Kagoshima

GODIVA is proud of chocolate of the highest quality in the world. One of the shop is located at the Amu Plaza Kagoshima near Kagoshima Chuo Station. Please find this big chocolate milk in front of the shop.


Various colorful truffles are in line. How impressive!


My Recommendation!

I love sweet snacks especially chocolates. But I had not known about this shop until my wife took me here…!

When you arrive at Kagoshima Chuo Station or wait for Shinkansen (super express train) before leave the station, why not come to the shop and enjoy delicious chocolate drink?

When you feel tired, this drink can recover your strength and energy. My wife said that the drink was the most popular for her colleague nurses who are tired of night shift at hospitals.

You can enjoy fluffy texture of the cream and deep taste of chocolate. The shop sells hot chocolate drink in winter.


I always enjoy the drink sitting at small chairs in front of the shop. I feel so happy! 🙂

Maybe I was born in this world to enjoy this cup of chocolate ♪

Access to GODIVA Amu Plaza Kagoshima

Please walk to Amu Plaza Kagoshima after you get out of ticket gates at Kagoshima Chuo Station. The shop is located at 1st floor.