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Kakigori or shaved ice is very delicious especially at summer season. I introduce you a very popular shaved ice shop at Kagoshima City. The shop Yanagawa Himuro is located near Yamakataya Department Store at Tenmonkan. The shop specializes in making ice and its shaved ice are really nice!


Let’s Go to Eat Shaved Ice

It is very hot and humid on that day. Shaved ice is the best thing to eat in such weather. When it comes to shaved ice, “MUJAKI” is famous, but many local people also love Yanagawa Himuro.柳川氷室

During the summer season, many people make a long line to get taste of the shaved ice. We avoided the busy afternoon time and came here in the morning.


Which shaved ice should I take?



There are so many kinds of shaved ice of different taste. It is very hard to choose because all of them look delicious. You can order most of shaved ice only for 250 yen. I think that the price is very resonable.

250 yen menu
Strawbery Grape Melon Peach
Mango Lemon Orange Coke
Mizore Uji (Green Tea taste Blue Apple Hawaiian Blue
Double Berry Coconut Milk Cherry Hyuga Orange
Mascut Acelora Coffee Tomato
Caramel Sea Salt Emerald Pine Cassis Orange
Soda Chocolate Kurozu (Black Vineger)  Blue Plum
Other Shaved Ices
Milk 300 yen Berry Shirokuma 599 yen    

You can add condensced milk for additional 50 yen.


Soft Shaved Ice


I ordered Mango shaved ice with condensced milk.


The size of the shaved ice is very big but I could eat it all very quickly because ice was soft and taste was light.



My wife ordered the strawberry taste with condensced milk. Sweet scent of milk and sour strawberry syrup creates good harmony.


We could not stop eating it!


Berry Shirokuma

On another day I ordered the most expensive Berry Shirokuma (500 yen). Shirokuma is the representative sweets of Kagoshima.


Three berries on the top of shaved ice create the face of Shirokuma or white bear. 🙂

The shaved ice milk taste was very soft. Many kinds of berries fills the bottom of the cup.


Video of Shaved Ice

Another famous shop of shaved ice is Mujaki at Tenmonkan street. (See Article of Mujaki)


Shop Information


Get off tram at Izuro-dentei in front of Yamakataya Department Store and walk to Dolphin Port for 5 minutes.

Open Hour



no holiday


19-6 Horiecho, Kagoshima City