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Yasaka Shrine : starting point of Ogionsa Festival @Kagoshima, Japan

Yasaka Shrine is famous as the 1st shrine which holds Rokugatsudo Festival of the year. (more…)…

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Kagoshima Rokugatsudo Festival Schedule


This article introduces the schedule of Rokugatsudo Festival which is the typical summer events of Kagoshima.Large shr…

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Mysterious “Kumano Shrine” at Io Island, Kagoshima, Japan


This article introduces Kumano Shrine in Io Island in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.Please make a visit if you are inter…

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Kagoshima Shrines : Benefits/Secred Seals/Festivals



Kagoshima is the starting point of Japanese history.There are spiritual power spots of ancestral gods and many wonderf…

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Eno Sanryo @Satsumasendai City, Kagoshima, Japan


This article introduces Eno Sanryo at Satsumasendai City, Kagoshima, Japan.Ancestral God Ninigi or the great-grandfath…

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Kamiyo Sanryo : Tombs of Ancestral Gods of Japanese Emperor


There are 3 holy toumbs in Kagoshima where ancestoral gods of Japanese Gods were buried.If you are interested in Japan…

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Taniyama Gokoku Shrine @ Kagoshima City, Japan


This article introduces Taniyama Gokoku Shrine.This shrine worships those who died at the war period. (more…)…

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Taniyama Shrine @ Kagoshima City, Japan


This article intoruces Taniyama Shrine, Kagoshima City, Japan.The shrine is located at high land and you can enjoy won…

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Tamakoshi Shrine @ Kaimon, Ibusuki City


This article introduces Okitama Shrine at Kaimon, Ibusuki City.The shrine is called "Kudama Shrine" by local people.…

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Iwakawa-Hachiman Shrine – Hometown for Legendary Giant Yagoro-don – (Soo City)

I visited Iwakawa-Hachiman Shrine after watching the festival "Yagoro-don's Hamakudari (Procession)" . (more…)…

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