Beautiful Cosmos Flowers of Jigenji Park @ Kagoshima City



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This article introduces cosmos flowers of Jigenji park at Kagoshima City.

When autums (October – November) come, beautiful flowers impress travelers at this place.

Why not visit this place to enjoy autumn?



Access & Parking

It takes about 10 minutes by foot from JR Jigenji Park.

Or get bus at JR Taniyama Station and get off at Jigenji Koen Mae.

There is a free parking lot for cars near the flowers.


Flower Words

The cosmos is also called “autumn cherry blossom” in Japan. Its flower word is harmony.

Different color has its own meaning. White is elegance, red is affection and pink is purity.


Cosmos Flowers


You would be very happy surrounded by many cosmos flowers.

慈眼寺公園のコスモス園慈眼寺公園のコスモス園慈眼寺公園のコスモス園 慈眼寺公園のコスモス園

This beautiful field is replaced with elegant nemophila flowers in Spring.



Entrance Fee



Shimofukumotocho 3810−25, Kagoshima City, Japan



Nearby Lunch Spot

Yoshokuya Aozora

Why noe enjoy omelet rice or hamburger steak at relaxing atmosphere?


Nearby Sightseeing Spots

Taniyama Shrine

The shrine is near Jigenji Park. You can enjoy beautiful scenery of Mt. Sakurajima and Kagoshima City.

Taniyama Gokoku Shrine

The shrine worships those who died at war.


Nearby Hotel

Chisan Inn Kagoshima Taniyama

It takes only 10 minutes from Taniyama Station by car.