Lunch Restauran Cafe “Deli Cafe Ai” at Usuki, Kagoshima City, Japan


This article introeduces a nice restaurant “Delicafe Ai” at Usuki, Kagoshima City, Japan.

The atomosphere of the cafe is very pleasant and it is the nice spot for lunch.



Deli Cafe Ai : Appearance

The restaurant is located at a mansion of the industrial area of Usuki, Kagoshima City.

The red door and window catch the eyes of passerby.

The cafe serves not only breakfast but also lunch. You can also visit the cafe for tea for afternoon break.




Surrounding Area of Deli Cafe Ai

The cafe is very close to Marine Port Kagoshima where big luxury cruise vessels drop by frequently.



Cafe Manu

All menu looks delicious. According to staff, their most popular menu is Higawari (Daily) Luncy.

Many local business people enjoy meals during lunch time.

Cafe Atmosphere

The wooden interior of the cafe gives you warm and relaxing impression.

There are many delicious-looking food and confectionary.

The cafe uses the dougnuts of “Cafe Otto”.

Following picture is the Quiche and chiffon cake。


Hand made rice balls also look delicious!

Following photo is the grilled chicken by soy source.

There many kinds of taste of lunch box and you can choose one of them.

When you pay money, the staff put freshly steamed rice into the lunch box for you.


There are table seats where you can have food and drink!

The chair looks a bit too high for small kids.

Many wives enjoy chatting with friends on table.



Take Out

I was afraid that my 1 year old sun would not be able to have lunch calmly at the cafe.

So we ordered lunch but enjoyed it at home.

I had pork cutlet lunch while my friend had beef and burdock lunch.



The cost of each lunch is not so expensive but delicious.


Delicous Desserts

Pudding is mild and caramel source is a bit bitter.

Cheese cake has a good taste of lemon and is the best to have with a cup of coffee.

I recommend you to buy them for souvenirs.


My Comment

I was surprised to find such a nice cafe at Kagoshima City.

It seems that a mother and her daughter run the cafe.

Their polite way of communicating with customers was very nice.


Information of Deli Cafe Ai

Open Hour







Usuku 2-29-13, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan



Nearby Sightseeing Spot

Marine Port Kagoshijma

Many cruise ships drops by the place. It is a good idea to buy lunch at Deli Cafe Ai and enjoy it on lawn of Marine Port Kagoshima.