Kagoshima’s “Kirishima Hot Springs” Enjoy Bath & Foods



This article introduces Kirishima Hot Springs at Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.

It is extremely pleasant to take hot springs at this place!





Enjoy Foot Bath & Sume (Steam Pots)

Many steams springs up at Kirishima Hot Springs.

At Kirishima Onsen Market, you can enjoy not only foot bath but also steamed foods.

Local people call steaming spots “Sume” and they use them for cooking.

All those foods are about 100 yen. It is cheap and delicious.

Following phot shows sweet potato, corn, egg and cake.

onsen food


Health Effects of Hot Spring

Many hot springs of Kirishima Hot Springs have special good effects on skin.

Some people stay at the place for weeks to cure their skin diseases.


Recommends for Hot Springs

Maeda Onsen Gajiroga Yu

This is the only hot spring for daily use.

Kirishima Unotani Sanso

You can enjoy 3 kinds of spa. The water is good for beauty.

Kirishima Symphony Spa

The spa is located at camping spots.


Recommend for Hotel

Kirishima Kanko Hotel

Observatory open bath is very pleasant!



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