Kagoshima Yataimura – Let’s Come Here after Arrival at Kagoshima Chuo Station –


You can get taste of various delicious local foods of Kagoshima at Kagoshima Yataimura. You can also communicate with local people here. Yataimura is located at the front of Kagoshima Chuo Station.



Kagoshima Yataimura

I visited Kagoshima Yataimura.

Yataimura is 5 minutes by foot from the east gate of Kagoshima Chuo Station. You can also come here from the airport bus terminal in 5 minutes.

“Yataimura” literally means “peddlers’ village” in Japanese.

kagoshima chuo station at night

Why not visit Yataimura if you have time before you leave Kagoshima by train or bus?

Following picture is the entrance to Yataimura.


You can enjoy Kagoshima’s traditional foods such as Kuro-ushi (beef), Kuro-buta (pork) and Kurodori (chicken).

The restaurants varies from traditional Izakaya to ramen noodles. You can also drink Kagoshima’s Shochu beverage!

Yataimura is very jolly at night, but you can also enjoy lunch during daytime.


Let’s go to Yataimura

Let’s enter Yataimura!

entrance of yataimura

Young staff standing in front of shops are very jolly!

Following picture is the tourist information office.yataimura tourist information office


There are as many as 25 stores. It is very hard to choose!

shop guide board of yataimura 

Walking around Yataimura

Speaking of Kagoshima, Kurobuta pork is very popular.



Local business people often drop by Yataimura on their way home.

I found many foreign visitors enjoy their dinner at Yataimura.



There are many unique Shochu you can taste. Why not give it a try?


Yataimura Information


Walk from East Gate of Kagoshima Chuo Station to Tenmonkan for 5 minutes.

Open Hour


Home Page



6-4 Chuocho, Kagoshima City



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