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Visit to Gokoku Shrine of Kagoshima

I have lived at Kagoshima City for more than 3 years, but never been to the Gokoku Shrine, which is the famous travel destination in Kagoshima. So, I decided to make a visit!


What is Gokoku Shrine?

black shrine gate of gokoku shrine in Kagoshima, Japan

Gokoku Shrine was build by Meiji Emperor in 1872. The shrine is new compared to other shrines.
The shrine worships not ancient Gods but those who are Kagoshima and died for Japan, such as military personnel, fire fighter and police.
This shrine’s building’s uses mainly black color, while many other shrines are red. For example. the shrine gate is completely black (see above picture).
If you are interested in Japanese history (especially after Meiji Restoration), it is very worthwhile to visit the shrine.
For your information, the mountain behind the shrine is called Shiroyama, where last battle of Seinan Civil War took place in 1877.


Sazare Stone

I found the famous Sazare Stone which appear in Japan’s national anthem. Let’s have a look!

sazare stone in japanese anthemn

This is the Sazare Stone. Melted limestone firmed many small stones together and created a big stone.


I have lived in Japan for 34 years, but it is my first time to see the famous stone…


Access to Gokoku Shrine

・Take 1-2 lines bus (for Ishiki New Town) at Kagoshima Chuo Station and gett off at Gokoku-jinja Mae. 5 minutes by foot.
・If you take the Kyushu highway, get off at Kagoshima-Kita and drive 10 minutes by car. Free parking lot is available at the shrine.

TEL: 099-226-7030

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