Hanasakan Cafe – Relaxing Time with Great View of Mt. Sakurajima –



Why not have a relaxing time while viewing Mt. Sakurajima? Hanasakan Cafe is located at the highland of Kagoshima City. You can have a wonderful view of Mt. Sakurajima, Kagoshima Bay and Kagoshima City at the cafe. My wife and I visited the cafe and found it very nice to the extent that we decided to come here once a month. There is also an art gallery besides the cafe.


Arrival at Cafe

We drove through narrow roads of residential area as instructed by car navigation. It was a bit difficult and exciting to drive in such area because our car is SUV and bigger than normal car. However, the stress of difficult driving disappeared once we arrived at the cafe, because beautiful scenery appeared in front of us as shown in the following picture which is taken at the parking lot of the cafe.

hanasakan cafe

It is a really nice place to have a spectacular view of Kagoshima. We entered into the cafe building after taking pictures of the scenery. We sat at the table in the room, but some people were enjoying having lunch at terrace. hanasakan cafe

The cafe is the nice place to enjoy chatting with your friends or loved one if the weather is fine. Many of the guests were female and the atmosphere of the inside of the cafe is very jolly. My wife enjoys reading magazines at the following picture.

hanasakan cafe

Personally I really found it nice of the cafe that the cafe prepares lap robes for each seats. My wife was pregnant at the time and it was cold February. My wife puts the robe on her lap and felt warm and comfortable.


Cafe Menu

Here is the some parts of menu of the cafe.

Menu Price
Coffee from 500 yen
Cake Set from 880 yen
Basket from 880 yen

Lunch bread set (Japanese tuna, curry, pizza)

※ Potato chips, dessert, drink are included

950 yen


Lunch rice set (curry or taco rice)

※Soup and salad are included

980 yen





Bean Curry Rice & Bread Set

I ordered the lunch rice set (bean curry). Spicy curry is fulled with many soft beans. The taste relaxed me and I though it will be a nice lunch in cold winter. I felt that the curry is boiled and for a long time.


Soup and dessert (yogurt). I chose ice coffee for drink. 

hanasakan cafe

I was so hungry at that time and wanted to start having lunch as soon as possible 🙂

hanasakan cafe

My wife ordered the lunch bread set (pizza). She ordered black tea for drink. 

hanasakan cafe

The steaming inside cheese pizza stimulated our appetite. 

hanasakan cafe



I edited the video of the cafe so that you can feel the atmosphere of the cafe.

Colorful handmade biscuits are sold at the counter. We bought some of them as souvenirs for our friends and families. 🙂



Information of Cafe

Open Hour





Take a but (15 Line, Higashi-Murasakibaru Line) and get off bus station at Ipponzakura and walk 7 minutes.

Free Parking Lot is available.

Address & TEL

Murasakibaru 6-51-25, Kagoshima City



Enjoy Lunch with a great view of Mt. Sakurajima and Kagoshima City!




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