Hananoki Farm Lab : Delicious Home-made Hot Dog



My wife get the news about delicious hot dog shop in Kagoshima City! You can eat at the shop also buy it for take-out. I decided to buy some for take-out for my wife who cannot go outside recently because our daughter was just born.



Booking by Phone

We learned on homepage of the shop that the shop recommends guests to book hot dogs by phone before they come to the shop since it takes 5 minutes to make hot dogs. Following is the menu of the shop’s brochure.

Menu Price
Coarse Ground Sausage 420 yen
Shank Sausage 390 yen
Frankfurter Sausage 350 yen

I ordered each of the above sausages. Staff asked us to choose the 2 different kinds of bread (hard rye bread or soft white bread) and I asked her to choose recommended bread to each taste and she accepted. You can also put or remove mustard as you like.


Get off Tram at Asahi-dori

Golden week came and it was getting warm in Kagoshima. My wife was tired of taking care of our baby. I hoped that my wife would regain her strength by eating a delicious hot dog of Hananoki Farm Lab. I arrived at Hananoki Farm Lab which is very close from the tram station “Asahi-dori”.


Following shop is the entrance of Hananoki Farm Lab.


As my wife told me, the shop is popular and full of guests. Those guests include young couples and backpackers from foreign countries.


I got three hot dogs and hurried home. For your information, popular “Morinokazoku” of healthy vegetable restaurant is also included in the same building of Hananoki Farm Lab. (See article of “Morinokazoku”)


Happy Lunch at Home

Once I opened bags, the spicy flavor of sausages filled the air of our home.


We ate Frankfurter Sausage firstly, Shank Sausage secondly and Coarse Ground Sausage. 🙂

Since it is take-out, I don’t have confidence in taking delicious-looking pictures of each hot dog. (;´・ω・)


Frankfurter Sausage

The bigness of the sausage surprised us! The sausage is bigger than coin of 500 yen Japanese yen. 


We found that white things on the top of sausage is pickles of cabbages.


Skin of sausage is very crispy. Soft white bread is certainly harmonious for the crispy sausage. We thought that not only adults but also children would like this hot dog.


Shank Sausage

The shop staff selected the soft white bread for this shank sausage. 


Let’s take a bite of it! …Unlike Frankfurter, the sausage is very soft and chewy.


When it comes to hot dog, I usually consider it convenient foods. But I felt that this Shank Sausage has elegant tastes. Once you put it in your mouth, the soft meats melt down and spicy smell of black pepper and peanuts spread in your mouth. Red wine will be great things to accompany this hot dog. My wife found this Shank Sausage the most delicious among three tastes. 🙂


Coarse Ground Sausage

This sausage is the only one for which the shop staff selected hard rye bread.


You can enjoy the chewy tastes of meats. But at the same time the taste is elegant.


I wished if I could have had a glass of beer together with this Coarse Round Sausage. This hot dog is my most favorite among three.


My Opinion

You can enjoy the delicious home-made hot dog at reasonable price at Hananoki Farm Lab. I recommend you to drop by the shop and get its wonderful tastes when you travel in Kagoshima. It is nice to have lunch at the shop just before you leave Kagoshima City for Mt. Sakurajima by ferry.  Also, it is very convenient to buy hot dogs for take-out and enjoy having them at Minato-Odori Street or Dolphin Port if weather is fine.


Details of Hananoki Farm Lab

  • Open Hours:11:00-19:00(Close at 16:00 on Sundays)
  • Holiday:Monday
  • Telephone for Booking:070-5819-9165
  • Access:Get off Tram Station “Asahi-Dori”. Please park car at nearby coin parking lots if you come by car.