Batten Ramen : Addicting Delicious Noodle (Kagoshima City)



Batten Ramen is the famous ramen noodle restaurant ranked 4th in the Kagoshima Ramen Championship Contest. The noodle is very unique!


Batten Ramen Introduction

Batten Ramen entered the 2nd Kagoshima Ramen Noodle Championship Contest (2016) and won 4th prize. I had been curious about the taste and how it is like, but 3 months have passed since I had been busy taking care of my baby.:-( By the way, the Batten Ramen has presented the following ramen noodle at the contest. Abundant chopped green onions cover the surface. Noodles and soup can be hardly seen because of green onions. The boiled beef stick and soft-boiled eggs look very yummy. It is a shame that I could not taste the ramen noodle at the contest (my wife had been in hospital at the time).


I have not visited the Batten Ramen before but already known the name. The ramen restaurant has been very famous among my friends and colleagues. When I watched the TV documentary of the ramen contest, the Batten Ramen staff was very polite and passionate in making their delicious ramen noodle to guests. When I visited the facebook page of the Batten Ramen, the master of the Batten Ramen give polite responce to each comment. So, my image to the Batten Ramen is very good and I got very excited about visiting the Batten Ramen and taste the noodle for myself.


Arrived on Batten Ramen

On Sunday I finally got my wife’s permission to visit the restaurant and hurried to the restaurant. Since the restaurant is very famous in Kagoshima, so I visited there before 12 o’cklock to avoid busy lunch time. But my expectation was too naive… The restaurant was already filled with guests!

Fortunately a guest was leaving the restaurant and I could managed to sit his seat. I was lucky to come here alone to get a seat, other wise I would have to wait for seat vacancy for a long time.

Batten Ramen Kagoshima

The restaurant was much smaller than I expected. There were only about 10 seats. Everyone was busy having their delicious noodles. The shop staff girl kindly led me to the innermost seat. The restaurant was very crowded and it was hard to move along the wall to the seat. (But exciting).


Menu of Batten Ramen

The menu was written by hand and gives you a warm impression. Japanese word “Tonkotsu” means ramen noodle with pork bone broth.

Most Recommenable  Price
Akamaru Tonkotsu(lots of garlic + green onions) 850 yen
Aomaru Tonkotsu (Lots of green onions) 800 yen
Shiromaru Tonkotsu (Lots of garlic) 800 yen
note: pepper is added for 50 yen.
Flavor of Shrimp…   
Kokuuma Tonkotsu (savory tonkotsu ramen)  800 yen
Kokuuma Miso (savory miso ramen)  850 yen

Lunch Time Menu(11:00~14:00)note: ramen is relatively small tonkotsu.

Oniciri Lunch  (Tonkotsu ramen with 2 rice balls) 700 yen
Karaage Lunch (Tonkotsu ramen, 2 fried chicken, 2 rice balls) 750 yen
Set Menu(regular-size Tonkotsu ramen and other side dishes)
A Set(Tonkotsu ramen & 4 Dumplings) 900 yen
B Set(Tonkotsu ramen & 3 Fried Chicken) 900 yen
C Set(Tonkotsu ramen & small bowl of fried rice) 900 yen
Ramen Noodles (“Chashu-mashi” or additional pork slices 250 yen, “Omori” or additional noodles is 200 yen)
Tonkotsu Ramen  700 yen
Shoyu Ramen (soy source ramen)  700 yen
Miso Ramen  750 yen
Corn Ramen(Tonkotsu soup)  800 yen
Butter Ramen (Miso or Soy source)  850 yen
Shisenfu Miso Ramen (hot miso ramen) 800 yen
Gekikara Miso Ramen (Very hot miso ramen) 900 yen
Chogekikara Miso Ramen (Super hot miso ramen) 950 yen
Pirikara Ninniku Shoyu Ramen (Mildly-hot garlic soy source ramen) 800 yen
Side Menu
Gyoza (baked dumplings) 7 pieces 450 yen
Karaage (Fried chicken) 550 yen
Moyashi Itame (Fried bean sprout) 500 yen
Cha-han (fried rice) 650 yen
Gohan (rice) 130 yen
Onigiri (rice ball) 2 pieces 180 yen
Bi-ru (beer bottle) 500 yen

A female guest sitting besides me ordered “Kokuuma miso” (savory miso ramen). The smell of it reached my nose and it was nice. By the way, I ordered the most representative ramen of this restaurant, “Akamaru Ramen”.


Uniqu “Akamaru Ramen”

Just as other ramen noodle restaurants in Kagoshima, I enjoyed having pickles of radish and cucumber. Unexpectedly, however, before the ramen was served, the staff gives me this tabled ant told me to have it after having noodle to curb the smell of garlic and onions coming out of my mouth.

batten ramen kagoshima

I enjoyed watching staff cook ramen noodles. I am sorry that I could not take the video of the restaurant because I thought that it would be impolite to other guests. I was surprised to see that lots of garlic and green onions are put on ramen noodles just before the master put steaming sesami oil on them. Soon, the spicy good smell of onion spread and filled the room.

The shop staff finally delivered Akamaru Ramen to me.Please see the following photo. Lots of garlic and green onion are impressive.

batten akamaru ramen kagoshima

I took the video of the unique ramen noodle.

とにかく、The amount of green onions is surprising! But it is the secret of the taste!This onion weakens the oil of Tonkotsu soup in your mouth. The soup itself contains the strong tate of Tonkotsu but is not so oily and I found myself completely dranu up the soup.


Every time I have ramen noodles, I always enjoy the taste of thick pork slice. How is the taste of the pork of Batten Ramen? At first I wonder if it contains the pork because the thick layer of green onions totally hide ramen itself, but I finally discovered the pork slice inside! The pork has the delicious flavor of soy source and I loved it!

The ramen is full of not only green onions but also cabbage and bean sprouts. So, I think that the rame is popular among ladies and those who are concerened with their health. Actually I found that some people are having ramen by themselves at Batten Ramen.

When I left the Batten Ramen, many people were in line to have ramen noodle. Later I knew that the restaurant has many repeaters.

I also join in one of those repeaters. I strongly hope that Batten Ramen wil have good result in the 3rd Ramen Noodle Championship Contest in 2016!



Let’s enjoy ice cream at nearby Seven Eleven after having ramen noodles at Batten Ramen!


Deatails of Batten Ramen

Open hour

11:00-23:00 (lunch until 14:00)

Closed on Monday


  • Get on the bus of Meiwa 26-2 Line “Meiwa Line” (via Harara) at Kagoshima Chuo Station and get off at Harara (原良) bus stop.Or take taxi from Kagoshima Chuo Station (about 10 minutes)
  • 10 minutes by foot from Kagoshima Chuo Station


Josei 3-6-28, Kagoshima City, Japan :




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