Cafe Shirahama : Delicious Vegetarian Food at Sakurajima, Kagoshima, Japan


This article introduces Cafe Shirahama at Sakurajima, Kagoshima, Japan.

When you drive around Sakurajima and want to have lunch, I recommend you to stop at this cafe.



Access & Parking Lot

It takes about 20 minutes from Sakurajima Port by car.

There is a space for 3 cars in front of the cafe.


Cafe Shirahama : Atmosphere

There is a variety of cute hand-made groceries at the cafe.

These purses are Sakurajima Komikan (small oranges of Sakurajima).



In addition to hand-made groceries, the cafe also sells camellia and small oranges produced in Sakurajima.


Menu of Cafe Shirahama

The vegetables used in Cafe Shirahama are grown by pesticide-free style.


We heard that they don’t use pesticide but use seeweeds of Kinko Bay as fertilizers for vegetables of the cafe.


Staff gave us Sakurajima small oranges before lunch.

The orange is very sweet!



Vegetable Lunch

Lunch Plate “Noka no Ohirugohan” (Farmer’s Lunch)

I ordered this colorful lunch plate.

No meat or fish is used. All ingredients are grown by the owner and his wife of Cafe Shirahama.

You can enjoy very delicious vegetables. Each food may varies according to seasons.


My husband ordered vegetable curry.

The curry is offered with miso soup and salad.

It is relatively hot and spicy.

No meat or fish is used in the curry, so vegetalian people can enjoy the curry.

Following photo is the rice balls for our daughter.


Chiffon Cake of Sakurajima Small Orange

Oll dessert is made by the wife of the owner.

1 cake is 400 yen.


Our Comments

Staff kindly gave our sleeping son warm blankets.

They also gave son small rice balls after we had finished lunch.

We were touched by the hospitality of the staff.

All ingredients are pesticide-free and produced in Sakurajima. 


Information of Cafe Shirahama

Open Hour



Monday, 1st and 3rd Tuesday




Shirahamacho 1267, Sakurajima, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan



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