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Ibusuki Station – Gateway to southern Japan’s resort city Ibusuki -

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Your trip in Ibusuki starts from this station. The sation is equipped with foot bath.

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Ibusuki Station

Many foreign travelers come to this station everyday.

This station is very special. You can take foot bath for free!

You can enjoy having boiled eggs with salt powder at very cheap price while enjoying taking the bath.


Station Videos

Foot bath

Interior of Ibusuki Station

Backside of Ibusuki Station

Nice Restaurant behind Chojuan Station



There are 3 kinds of train between Kagoshima-Chuo Staion and Ibusuki-Station.

Please see following articles for details of each train.

1. Express train “IBUTAMA”

2. Rapid train “NANOHANA”



3. Slow local train

Following video is the rapid train NANOHANA!






Sand hot bath

Mt. Uomi and Chiringa-Shima

Nishioyama Station (most southern station in japan)

Hirakiki Shrine

Kagami Ike


Ibusuki train station is located between Kagoshima-Chuo Station and Makurazaki Station.

Please also see following articles for more information

Makurazaki Station (Final stop station)

Unique facilitiy at Ibusuki Station






Many travelers come to the station from Japan and other countries.

Threre is a travel guide station inside the Ibusuki Station.

There, travel guide staff kindly help your trip.

Foot bath

You can take foot bath in front of the Ibusuki Station.

Relax yourself at the bath and remove the strain of trip.





Lunch at Ibusuki Station

Just behind the Ibusuki Station, there is a Japanese Restaurant CHOJU-AN(長寿庵).

You can have traditional Japanese meals made of fresh local ingredients.

See Video of Chojuan

Chojuan Lunch Photos

I am from Ibusuki City. Many local people love the meals at the restaurant and I often go there by myself!



Nice restaurant behind Ibusuki station

When you arrived at Ibusuki, I recommend you to go to this restaurant “Chojuan” where you can enjoy having local Japanese foods. Many local people come to this restaurant. Their tempura and udon and soba noodles are especially delicious!

(Picture: Tempura)


Tempura is deep fried shrimps, fishes and vegetables. Usually Tempura is expensive but you can eat them at reasonable price at this restaurant.


(Udon noodle)


(Soba noodle)


You can taste various kinds of Shochu (distilled spirits made of potatoes in Kagoshima)


Other nice restaurant

IBUSUKI is also famous for flowing Somen noodle. The restaurant is called TOSENKYO (1 hour from Kagoshima City and 20 minutes from Ibusuki Station by car).


Somen noodles are moving in circle on the table. Water is very cold! I think that this is the only Japanese restaurant to eat somen noodles in this unique style! You pluck out the noodles and dip in Tsuyu (soy- flavored). You can also have the baked trout and carp soup of fermented soy beans.


TOSENKYO is always cool even in the summer thanks to the cold water springing up from underground. Many local families including my family goes to have somen noodles at TOSENKYO!

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