Makurazaki Station, Final Stop of Ibusuki-Makurazaki Line, Kagoshima





Makurazaki Station

This is the final stop of Ibusuki-Makurazaki Line.

This line is the most southern line in Japan!


I was very lucky to come to this station today!

Because train has just arrived when I came to this station.


Many people had used this station and this station was staffed in the past.

But as population has decreased around this area, users of this station has also declined.

About 30 people use this station every day.

There is no staff at this station now.


So, when you get on this train here, you have to take numbered tickets and pay when you get off the train.

Many people who like trains come to this station.

When you visit Makurazaki City, I hope you will not miss this place!


It takes about 1 hour from Kagoshima City to this station by a car.

But, it takes more than 2 hours if you come here by train.


For your reference, the most southern station in Japan is Nishi-Oyama Station which is located in Ibusuki City.

Please see the article of the most southern station in Japan



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