Japanese PORK cuisine for summer and winter in Japan!



I introduce delicious Japanese pork cuisine to you.
Kagoshima is famous for the production of the Kurobuta (black color pig). I ordered some traditional Japanese pork cuisine at a local restaurant in Kagoshima.




Shogayaki (Pork Cuisine for SUMMER)

“Shoga” means the ginger and “Yaki” means baking.

Gingers eliminates the smell of pork and stimulates appetite!

Japan’s summer is hot and very HUMID!

So, Japanese people love to eat Shogayaki during summer to take in vitamin B from the pork.

It is easy to cook. I often cook Shogayaki by myself and this is absolutely delicious with a glass of BEER!


Tonjiru Soup (Pork Cuisine for WINTER)

“Ton” means the pork and “Jiru” means the soup.

Tonjiru is the soy-flavor soup made of pork and vegetables. Sometimes, Tonjiru is also called Butajiru.

Many ingredients are put in the soup and they make the soup very nutritious!


Pork fat covers the surface of the soup and this keep the warmth. This is why many Japanese people love to have Tonjiru soup during cold winter.

When I return to my hometown, IBUSUKI City, I enjoy having Tonjiru Soup made by my mother.

I sometimes make Tonjiru soup, too, but not so as delicious as my mother cooks.