Kagoshima Aquarium- Let’s meet dolphins and other interesting sea animals in Kagoshima –




Kagoshima Aquarium

The aquarium is one of the biggest aquariums in Kyushu Island, Japan.

There is an big water case of 1,500 tons of water capacity. You can see tuna, bonito and big rays swimming slowly and dynamically in the case.

At the dolphin performance corner, you can see dolphin’s jumping and swimming and know more about their natural lives and body systems through underwater microphone.

Pretty sea otter welcomes you with pretty movements.

Water case of life forest “mangrove” shows you natures of tropical southern Japanese islands such as Amami Islands and Okinawa.

When I visit the aquarium for the first tim, I was surpirized by the large size of Arapaima gigas which is the biggest fish in Latin America.


Dolphin’s Water Aisle

There is a water aisle in front of the Acuqrium. You can see dolphins for free at this area.

This water aisle is connected to Kagoshima Bay.

At following time, you can see the training of dolphin performance at this area.

AM10:30 PM12:00 PM14:00 PM15:30

However, this performance depends on weather and health conditions of dolphins and can be cancelled without notice.

This is the outside of the Aquarium and please be minded that you have to buy another ticket if you re-enter the aquarium!



Indigenous Sea Animals in Kagoshima

Kagoshima Bay was used to be an active volcano in the ancient period.

Underground volcanic activity has produced unique sea animals in Kagoshima.

You can see various indigenous animals such as tube warms.


 Natural Dolphin in Kagoshima Bay

If you have a time in Kagoshima, I want you to see dolphins in natural circumstances.

Sometimes, I enjoy driving from Kagoshima City to Kirishima along the coast of Kagoshima Bay.

You can see dolphins swimming and chasing your car, if you are lucky.

Also, the scenery of Sakurajima is very beautiful.


If weather is fine, you can see natural dolphin.

Kagoshima Bay is beautiful and  full of interesting maritime animals.



Opening Hours (entrance until 17:00)


You can enjoy night aquarium at Golden Week, Saturday and Sundays summer holidays (20th July to 31 August) and Obon festival seasons.


Closed day

4 days after 1st Monday of December.

Aquarium is open as usual during year end and new year periods.


Entrance fee

You cannot use electric money and credit cards.

So you have to pay money in Japanese cash.

Adult (over high school students) 1,500 yen per 1 person (1,200 over 20 people)

Children (primary and junior high school students) 750 yen per 1 person (600 yen over 20 people)

Small children (over 4 years old) 350 yen per 1 person (280 yen over 20 people)

My personal recommendation is to show 1-day transportation ticket to staff, if any. You can get discount!



  • From Kagoshima Airport
    Shuttle But 50 minutes, Please get off the bus at “Kinsei-Cho” bus stop and walk 15 minutes
  • From Kagoshima-Chuo Station
    City tram 15 minutes and gett off at Suizokukan-Guchi station and walk 8 minutes
  • From Kagoshima JR station
    Walk about 15 minutes
  • From other JR stations or bus
    Kagoshima City bus and other many buses also goes near the Aquarium. Please get off “Suizokukan-Mae” or “Sakurajima-Sanbashi” bus stops.
  • By Car
    If you arrive in Kagoshima by car, please gett off at Satsuma-Yoshida I.C. or Kagoshima-Kita I.C.. Then drive to city about 15 minutes.


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