Introduction of “Kirishima-Higashi-Jinja” Shrine – Regular Annual Festival, Starting Place of Japan’s History –



Kirishima-Higashi Shrine is located in the deep Kirishima Mountains, which is said to be the starting place of Japan’s creation. Strictly speaking, the shrine is not in Kagoshima but in Miyazaki Prefecture (Takaharucho Town). But please allow me to introduce the shrine because it is the favorite place for both my wife and me 🙂


Kirishima-Higashi Shrine

It takes about 30 minuted from Kirishima Jingu Shrine by car. The shrine is located near the prefectural boarder between Kagoshima Prefecture and Miyazaki Prefecture.

The shrine worships Izanagi and Izanami.

The shrine is  located in deep mountain and the number of worshipers is very small.


Shrine Seal

I also had a stamp of the Kirishima-Higashi Shrine.

Today I got new 2 shrine stamps. I think those stamps brings my family good luck and prosperity.








Video of Kirishima-Higashi Shrine

The shrine is deep in mountain forests. The place is said to be the first place where Ninigi (the first God who came to Japan) worshiped his ancestral Gods.


Speaking of Japanese shrines, they are usually crowded with sightseeing travelers. However, this shrine “Kirishima-Higashi”, is different from those. The shrine is isolated from city and has the very mysterious atmosphere!

The air is fresh and pure…

You can feel the sky very close to you…

My wife and I are not very religious, but we felt the existence of something very sacred and spiritual at the place. We really love the shrine!



Regular Festival of Kirishima-Higashi Shrine

We went to the regular festival of the shrine on 8th November 2015.


Each Japanese shrine has its own annual regular festival.

Kirishima mountains has been famous as the training place for mountain priests for more than 1,000 years. At the festival, those priests welcome worshipers with Japanese swords.

The night atmosphere of the shrine is very different from that of daytime. Mysterious bonfires are lighting the way of the shrine.


The festival starts at 20:00. It is the late time and the shrine is far from towns, many people gathered in front of the shrine gate.


We walked to the main building of the shrine in line.

On our way to the building, we found Meotosugi (twin pine trees), which remind me of the dating with my wife before our marriage. I felt I should be the nice husband for my wife!


We couldn’t take the video of the ceremony, because it is very sacred. But please watch the following video just before we entered the building.

After prayer at the regular festival, we looked back over the building. It was very beautiful and I really thanked the God for giving us opportunity to participate in the festival.

We had a wonderful experience and hope we will join in the regular festival next year again!


We had a marriage ceremony in December 2016 at Kirishima-Higashi shrine.

See Article→Shrine Wedding at Kirishima-Higashi Shrine


Travel Information


The road to the shrine is narrow and be careful to drive if you drive a big car (especially at winter). 

About 2 hours from Kagoshima Airport. About 2.5 hours from Kagoshima City by car.




Spiritual Shrine deep in mountain!

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