Ameiro-Tamanegi : Delicious Curry Restaurant in Kagoshima, Japan!


Famous Curry Restaurant in Kagoshima


My friends said to me that the curry in the restaurant was very delicious. The name of the shop is Ameiro-Tamanegi.

I heard that it takes as long as 10 days to cook the curry in the restaurant. It must be very delicious!

I could not resist my appetite and went to the restaurant with my wife today.


Location of Ameiro-Tamanegi

It takes about 15 minutes from Kagoshima Chuo Station by car. The restaurant is along Sangyo-Doro street in Kagoshima City.


Please see the following map for the detail of the location.




Jolly cook welcomes you at the gate of the restaurant. 🙂



Lunch Menu

My wife ordered “This Week’s Special Curry Lunch” of the spare lib, while I ordered “This Week’s Curry Lunch with Dessert” and choose “Fish Curry”. Those desserts all looks delicious and I didn’t know to what to eat, but finally chose an apple pie which is my wife’s favorite.


This Week’s Curry Lunch with Dessert (Fish Curry)

The curry is boiled for more than 10 days and tastes very delicious and spicy.


Dessert (Apple Pie) is also delicious and FRESH!



This Week’s Special Curry (Spare Libs)


Big and soft sparelibs are in curry!



Nice Atmosphere of the Restaurant

It is very relaxing. The restaurant reminds me of the elegant restaurants in Europe.

Japanese shallots and pickles are put 


The room imitated 1970’s European architecture.


All staff are very nice and polite to customers.


Statues, brick wall and fireplace makes homey atmosphere.


You will forget the elapse of time.

My wife and I had curry this time, but we are going to enjoy drinking their curry at the next time.



We will definitely come to this restaurant many times in future.



Information of Ameiro-Tamanegi Restaurant

The restaurant opens at 11:00 and closes at 23:00. Lunch time is between 11:00 and 14:00.

There is no designated holidays. This is good news for we customers!