Tsurumaru Castle – Beautiful Lotus Flowers in July –



Shimadzu clan, a ruler of Satsuma Domain, ruled Southern Kyushu area at this castle. The castle was used until Edo period. Reimeikan Museum is built inside the castle now. Cherry blossoms are beautiful in Spring and lotus flowers in moats are beautiful in July.


Tsurumaru Castle

Satsuma Domain’s politics was conducted in this castle. The castle was built in 1604, begginning of Edo period. Only stone walls and water moas have remained.


I visited the castle in hot day of July. Lotus flowers are beautiful in the moat. (I took the following picture from the route 10.)


I took the picture from the road reaching to Mt. Shiroyama. You can see the tourist spot “Memorial to the Retainers of the Satsuma” and its bus stop at the right side of the following picture.


I took a picture of a lotus flower at a close distance. It is cute!


Reimeikan Museum is located inside the stone walls. Another sightseeing spot is Statue of Saigo Takamori near Tsurumaru Castle.


Goromon (Main Gate)

The main gate is now under recovery work as of 12th November 2016.


Many people look forward to looking at the recovered main gate.


Videos of Tsurumaru Castle

Please compare the difference between following 2 videos. This video is taken in February.

Following video is taken at the end of July. Moats are full of lotus flowers.

Information of Tsurumaru Castle



Board Kagoshima City View at Kagoshima Chuo Station and get off at Memorial to the Retainers of the Satsuma (15 minutes)


Get off at Tenmonkan Street and walk about 15 minutes.


Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima-ken 892-0853, Japan

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