Introduction “Marine Port Kagoshima” – Leisure Place for family, Harbar of Large Vessels, Nice Place to see Mt.Sakurajima –



I went to the Marine Port Kagoshima for the first time in my life! Marine Port Kagoshima is an reclaimed land in Kagoshima City. Many families come to the place for leisure activities at weekends.


Relaxing Place at Holidays

Some people are laying relaxed on the lawn and enjoy swimming in the pool.


Jiro has discovered Water Slider at Marine Port Kagoshima!


Children are sliding fast. It must be very pleasant in such hot weather of September.

Jiro “I wish if I could join them!”


While children having joyful time in the pool, their parents are talking cheerful at the shade of the pool side. Staff are watching children for their safety, so parents can feel relaxed.


I discovered a cute fountain!


I wanted to join children and swim in the pool, but the pool water is too shallow for me to swim. But I enjoyed pleasant wind blowing from the sea. I will take my children to this pleasant place in the future.


(Two years later)

We took our 1-year-old daughter to Marine Port Kagoshima.
Many family enjoy having lunch on lawn while their children cheerfully ran around them.
Our daughter also enjoyed walking on lawn.


Harbor of Large Vessels from the World!

Marine Port Kagoshima in not only the relaxing place for families, but also plays an important role in harboring large vessels from around the world. More than 40 luxury liners came to the Marine Port and Kagoshima welcomes the arrival with the ceremony. Those passengers are from France, Britain, Italy, China and the like. The Marine Port is so close to the center of Kagoshima City that passengers can enjoy sightseeing in Kagoshima conveniently. I hope many foreign people visit Kagoshima and find its attractiveness!


I took the following picture when Sapphire Princess comes to Marine Port Kagoshima! 

Sapphire Princess
I got closer to the vessel. She is very enormous!
Sapphire Princess
Sapphire Princess
I took the video of beautiful Mt. Sakurajima and Sapphire Princess.


Impressive View of Mt. Sakurajima from Marine Port Kagoshima!

The Marine Port Kagoshima faces Mt. Sakurajima and Kagoshima Bay, so you can watch the volcano in a close distance. In the following picture, a couple enjoy walking together. Why not take your loved one and have sweet time at Marine Port just like them?

I want to enjoy walking here with my wife, but she told me that she would not allow me to do that until I lose my weight and get slim. Oh my got, I should do some exercise and probably run at the Marine Port Kagoshima…


Please be noted that it is prohibited to fish and make fire at the Marine Port.

Opening Hour

Opening hour of the Marine Port Kagoshima differs according to the season.
(1)April – June AM 06:00 – PM 08:00
(2)July – August AM 06:00 – PM 09:00
(3)September – October AM 06:00 – PM 08:00
(4)November – March AM 07:00 – PM 07:00

Location of Marine Port Kagoshima

Large luxurious cruise vessels come here!




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