MATHERuBA CAFE : Wonderful View of Mt. Sakurajima and Delicious Hamburger (Kagoshima City)



I visited a famous cafe which is popular among my friends in Kagoshima City. They all say that the hamburger of the cafe is very delicious. I lived in Kagoshima City for several years, but I had not noticed the cafe until recently. The cafe is the high place where you can have the nice view of the volcano Sakurajima, if the weather if fine.



First Visit to MATHERuBA Cafe

It took about 30 minutes by car from the downtown Kagoshima City.

The cafe “Matheruba Cafe” is located on the top of the hill of Haruyama Town of the city.

We followed the instructions of the car navigation system to go to the cafe.

We drove at the steep narrow roads before we started to wonder if the navigation is out of order.

It was around o’clock 3 pm. The weather was rainy.

This is the grocery store near the cafe building. 


My wife likes the grocery store very much.

All goods of the store have high quality. Many ladies enjoy window-shopping at the store after enjoying pleasant talk at the cafe.

The cafe itself is about 30m from the grocery store.

Following building is the Matheruba Cafe. Later we found that the store opens Yoga lessons at the morning of holidays.


The board in front of the door of the store says,

“Welcome to Matheruba Cafe! Please order and pay money before you are seated. Please refrain from securing seats before order.”


Let’s enter the cafe!




Too Late Arrival!

Oh my god! The most popular “Matheruba Hamburger” and “Kagoshima Hamburger” were already sold out.

We were terribly disappointed…

Those humbergers seems to be too popular and usually quickly sold out.

We decided to eat them next time we come to the cafe.

Following picture is the menu of the cafe.


We ordered Izumi Chicken Hamburger and Ibusuki Pork Hamburger instead.

Hamburger is generally not healthy. But those hamburgers at the cafe are very healthy and delicious.


This chiffon cake looks very soft and delicious.

We love chocolates and stared the chocolate cake for a while.


Creme brulee and cheese cake are almost sold out.



Food Store

Many local Kagoshima foods are sold in the cafe.

マザルバカフェ ランキング ベスト10



Atmosphere of Cafe

Wooden walls give you warm relaxing feeling.


We choose the table at the corner of the room with sofa.

My wife has been pregnant for 6 months. It has got difficult for her to walk with the enlarging belly.

She is happy to find the place where she can sit comfortably.


Soon shop staff delivered hamburger sets to our table.

Foods are put on interesting plates which looks like a chopping boards.

Shop staff is very kind to cut hamburgers in half so that we can share them. Thank you very much! 🙂


Let’s start to eat!


Izumi Chicken Hamburger

There are many sliced burdock and carrot.

The hamburger is not oily and has very fresh ingredient inside.

Chicken meat is very chewy and juicy!


The name of the hamburger “Izumi” is the city which is located on the northwest of Kagoshima Prefecture.

Izumi City is famous for “Red Chicken Satsuma” which is proud of its high quality.



Ibusuki Fried Pork Hamburger

Fried pork is very crispy!


Many layers of thinly sliced pork creates softness.




Scone with white chocolate


I love it!

We like both the atmosphere and the foods of the MATHARuBA Cafe.

But, we are very interested in MATHERuBA Humburger and KAGOSHIMA Hamburger which were already sold out today.



Second Visit to MATHERuBA Cafe

About 2 weeks later, we decided to go to MATHERuBA Cafe again.

We arrived at the cafe at about 13:00.

The weather is fine and the view of the volcano Mt.Sakurajima is wonderful.


Upon our arrival, we asked the staff about those 2 hamburgers.

Again… MATHERuBa Hamburger was sold out. Oh my God!


Details of KAGOSHIMA Hamburger

We missed MATHERuBA Hamburger, but could manage to order KAGOSHIMA Hamburger.

What is the taste of KAGOSHIMA Hamuburger? What does it mean by KAGOSHIMA?

The answer is soft minced pork.

KAGOSHIMA Hamubeger is delicious all right, but I recommend you to have Izumi Chikcken Hamburger or Ibusuki Fried Pork Hamburger, if you want to eat more chewy texture than KAGOSHIMA Hamburger.


There is no explanation about the pork meat, but I think the pork is Kurobuta Pork.

Kurobuta Pork is the main production of Kagoshima Prefectur.


Fried Pork Curry Set

We also ordered foods except for hamburgers to make use of the special occasion to come to MATHERuBa Cafe.

I ordered Fried Pork Curry Set.


(Drink is the cold coffee.)

Curry is well boiled. Friend pork is crispy as well as Ibusuki Pork Hamburger.

I am glad that the salad and drink accompany the curry.






Video of Matheruba Cafe

The weather was rainy, but sometimes it is good to relax yourself inside the room.



Access to Matheruba Cafe

  • Open 11:00 – Close 18:00(Last Order17:30)
  • Transportation: 0.5 hour from Kagoshima Chuo Station by car
  • TEL: 099-248-8463
  • Home Page:

From Kagoshima Chuo Station

From Kagoshima Airport to Matheruba Cafe




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