Secret Cafe “La Fille” : Great Ocean View & Fresh Local Foods (Bonotsu, Minami-Satsuma City)



This is the secret cafe along seaside. My cowarker taught me about the cafe on the sly. I could not believe such a wonderful cafe exists in the remote mountanous area of Bonotsu until I came here!



Steep Road to Cafe

It took 1.5 hours from Kagoshima City to Makurazaki City. Then, we took the road 226 to Bonotsu. Residential area soon turned into mountain while road got narrow.

According to map, cafe is located at the seaside and we had to take a steep and narrow road to reach the cafe. I was afiraid if roadside car would damage my car, but it was a bit adventurous  and we really enjoyed driving the road.

As you get closer to the cafe, open beautiful ocean (East China Sea) appears in front of you.


I got anxious as we were driving through a narrow road. “Does anyone run a cafe in such a remote place?” When you visitit the cafe, please be careful that the big grass on the roadside maybe hurt your car because the the road is narrow. We got relieved when we finally arrived at the destination.


The parking lot can accommodate around 4 to 5 cars. A cut small dog named “Bu-chan” welcomed us on our arrival.



It is cosy and relaxing. They way to the cafe is a bit adventurous and we felt very rewarded.


Guests include families, girls and couples. The cafe is very popular and crowded between 12:00 and 13:00. The shop doesn’t accept booking, so I recommend you to come to the cafe before 12:00 or after 13:00.

OK, let’s eat lunch!

I am so hungry and I cannot wait to eat any longer…!


Reasonable & Delicious Lunch

Lunch is a set of main, salad, soup, drink, and dessert. The price is 950 yen and very reasonable(A bit small amount for male guests, I think).

You can choose rice of bread. Bread seems popular and it is soon sold out.

I chose fresh fried local shrimps in Bonotsu for main dish. The skin of the shrimp was crispy and very delicious! (The price is a bit more expensive. About 1,000 yen)


My wife chose pork for main dish. The smell of basil stimulated our appetite!

112  南薩デート♪_9273

Following picture is dessert. You can chose one of 7 cakes. The cafe runs own cake-cooking lessons. My wife loves cakes and is very particular about the taste, but she was completely satisfied! 


At the last of cake , the shop staff kindly served a tea of lemon grasses. The scent of the tea was wonderful. 🙂


Beautiful Scenery from Terrace

One things as attractive as its lunch is the beautiful view of the East China Sea from the cafe.

It is also nice to enjoy lunch at the terrace if the weather is fine.


Following picture is a shot from the cafe. Maybe it is a good fishing spot. Many people were enjoying fishing at the nearby port.


The steep mountain and rocky coastlines are the main characteristics of the Bonotsu. The scenery reminds me of adventures of the famous movie “Pirate of Carribean”.


Cute cat was enjoying sunbathing at the terrace. He loves communicating with guests. Please say hello to him for me if you visit this place. 




Enjoy Walking near Cafe

Clear sky and wide oceans stretches to infinity. Let’s go down to the sea shore.


Please have a look at the following picture! The ocean is as beautiful as that of Okinawa!




I edited a short introduction video of the cafe so that you can feel its nice atmosphere.

Cute fat dog was at the parking lot of the cafe. He barks very hard but his tale is swinging hard and he looks delighted to meet guests.

Friendly cat at the terrace of the cafe. He must enjoying the delicious lunch every day! I envy him so much! 🙂


Cafe Details & Access

    • Address:Bou 4904-1, Bonotsu-cho, Minamisatsuma City
    • TEL: 0993-67-1577
    • Opening hour:11:00-18;00(LO 14:00) 
    • Holidays:Thursday and Friday

(How to get the Cafe)*car navigation will be a great help.

  1. Drive 1.5 hours from Kagoshima City to Makurazaki City.
  2. Drive route 226 from Makurazaki City to west. There are 2 roads to reach the cafe from route 226. Please find the following blue signboard and turn to left.

3, Go down the narrow road. Please be careful so that the bush will not hurt your car.

4. On the way to the cafe there are 2 fork roads and turn to left (if you go right road, you will reach a small port)

5. Following house is the cafe La Fille!


Lunch with ocean view!




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