Delicious Pasta Restaurant “TOMATONOMI” (Arata, Kagoshima City)


I introduce a nice pasta restaurant at Arata, Kagoshima City. I heared the information of the restaurant from my friend who really loves pasta.



The restaurant is located in the residential area of Kagoshima City. It is located at the opposite of Arata Hachiman Shrine accross the road.

I found 10 counter seats. There was no seat for table.

The restaurant is always full of guests. So, it is wise to go to the restaurant before 12 o’clock.

Before I went to the shop, I had thought that most of the guest would be female. But, I found many male guests enjoyed past in the restaurant.

Pasta was very chewy and really delicious! 

Most of pasta menu is about 1,000 yen. You can also add salad and soup at additional charge.


Restaurant Video

I took the video of the appearance of the shop and delicious tomato pasta.


Restaurant Information


Take city tram and get off at “Arata-hachiman”. The restaurant is near the tram station. There is a parking lot of the restaurant for 2 cars but maybe it is a bit far from the restaurant.



※You can not book for seats in advance.


1-41-19 Arata, Kagoshima City



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