Japan Volcano Erupting! Mt.Hakone and Mt.Sakurajima!


Similar Volcano Mt. Hakone and Mt.Sakurajima

The volcano Hakone has got active recently and its alert level was raised to LEVEL 3 on 30 June.

Source: http://www.sankei.com/

The level is the same as Mt.Sakurajima.  It is prohibited to climb Mt.Sakurajima!

Kuchinoerabu Island, south of Kagoshima, made a big eruption on 29 May. The level has been 5 and there is no sign of calming down.

Japanese volcanoes are getting very active!


Sakurajima this morning

I took the following video of Sakurajima on my way to workplace this morning.

Kagoshima Citty is waking up from the silence of night. The shape of Sakurajima is very beautiful and it looks as if the volcano is floating on the ocean.

I moved to high place this month. The view of Sakurajima has improved greatly!

I am very happy to see Kagoshima Bay and Sakurajima at the same time! The contrast of city, ocean and the volcano is wonderful!