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Beautiful Volcano Sakurajima and Kagoshima Bay

Glorious Morning of SakurajimaTop of the volcano is covered with thick clouds. But, the surface of the sea is shining wi…

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Sakurajima’s Eruption in morning and evening!

Sakurajima in the MorningI took this video on my way to workplace.White smoke is erupting from the top of the Mt.Sak…

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Japan Volcano Erupting! Mt.Hakone and Mt.Sakurajima!

Similar Volcano Mt. Hakone and Mt.SakurajimaThe volcano Hakone has got active recently and its alert level was raised to…

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Kagoshima’s Active Volcano SAKURAJIMA and hot springs

Clear Sakurajima in the middle of Rainy SeasonIt is very sunny and lovely today.I cannot believe it is in the middle of …

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Rainy Day is a sign of Good Luck in Kagoshima, Japan!

Do you like rain?It heavily rains today in Kagoshima.By the way, do you like rain?Many people have negativ…

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Active Volcano Mt.Sakurajima is fragile? who is his/her mother?

Active Volcano Mt.SakurajimaIn 2015, the volcano Sakurajima keeps erupting more than 100 times a month.According to the …

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Kagoshima’s Volcanoes getting Active! Enormous Eruption will occur soon…?

Showa Crater of Mt.Sakurajima(quote: Earthquake ocurred at Kuchinoerabu IslandTh…

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Beautiful Volcanoes in Kagoshima – Mt.Sakurajima and Mt.Kaimon –

Crater of Sakurajima close to City!Recently Japanese volcanoes are very active.Kuchinoerabu Island, Hakone Mountain, Mt.…

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Volcano Sakurajima’s Historical Eruption in 1914

Eruption in JuneThe eruption smoke reached 2,200m.The wind blows to southeast (Kanoya City).It is very nice weather. I c…

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Massive Eruption of Mt.Sakurajima! The smoke reached 3,300m!

I enjoyed walking at lunch break when I noticed the huge eruption. (more…)…

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