Kagoshima Vacations – Delicious TAKOYAKI & KAITENYAKI Shop –



It is very pleasant to drive along the coastline of Kagoshima Prefecture.

I would like to introduce delicious Takoyaki shops at the coastline of Kagoshima City.





The symbol mark of the shop if a big octopus on the shop.

takoyaki kiire

You can drop by this Takoyaki shop at Kiire when you drive from Kagoshima City to Ibusuki City.

Osaka is the famous place for Takoyaki, but I think it is much more delicious to eat Takoyaki at this shop.



Very Delicous Takoyaki

I have eaten many kinds of Takoyaki at many Takoyaki shops including those in Osaka.

But I think this shop’s have a very big piece of octopus at each dumpling ball.

たこ焼き 鹿児島 喜入 takoyaki kiire kagoshima japan

When I was a little boy, I frequently asked my father to buy Takoyaki at the shop.

My father bought me three boxes of Takoyaki (12 pieces for 1 box, 530 yen) and ate them at a once.

I cannot do the same thing as I am 33-year-old now, otherwise I would get fat! So, I shared 1 box with my wife.



Takoyaki Video

Please watch the video of Takoyaki.

I could not take the steaming smoke of the Takoyaki. What a shame! But it is incredibly delicious!




Kaitenyaki is also delicious!

In addition to Takoyoki, Kaitenyaki is also delicous at this shop.

Kaitenyaki is a kind of Japanese muffin which contains red beans.

You can taste white beans or red beans. You can eat 1 Kaitenyaki for only 98 yen.

(Red Bean)

回転焼き 鹿児島市喜入 Kaitenyaki Kagoshima Kiire Japan]

(White Bean)


I love eating sweets and especially sweetbeans. This Kaiyenyaki is probably the most delicious one in my life.

The Kaitenyaki has a little flavor of ginger and it stimulates your appertite!。If you eat them with a green tea, you will feel fantastic!

My mother loves Kaitenyaki of this shop and can eat 3 Kaitenyaki at once.



・Let’s have a delicious Takoyaki and Kaitenyaki when you drive along the coast of Kagoshima.

・Each ball of Takoyaki has big pieces of octopus and you will feel satisfied! (12 balls in 1 box, 530 yen).

・Kaitenyaki is also a delicious Japanese traditional snack. You can buy it for only 98 yen at this shop.



Cooking Takoyaki

I took the video of staff of the store. They are making Takiyaki very quickily!


Access to Takoyaki Shop

Drive an half hour from Kagoshima Chuo Station