Local food “ONTAMARAN-DON” in Ibusuki City, Kagoshima, Japan!



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Ibusuki City
It takes about 1 hour to drive to this beautiful city, Ibusuki from Kagoshima City by car.
This city is called Japanese Hawaii.
There are many hot springs including unique SAND BATH (only in Ibusuki).

I had a very delicious meal in Ibusuki City!

The cuisine is called ONTAMARAN-DON.
You can eat the food only in Ibusuki City, Japan!
The symbol of the food is the half-boiled egg on the top of rice.
There are wide variety of ONTAMARAN-DON at restaurants in Ibusuki City. For example, I had seafood version, but you can have the pork version of ONTAMARAN-DON.


Recommendation of Restaurant
I had this delicious meal at the restaurant called “SATSUMA-AJI”.
You can enjoy the atmosphere of the traditional Japanese restaurant here!