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Yunohira Observatory – Wonderful Ocean View from Sakurajima -Kagoshima City, Japan

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Yunohira Observatory is 373 meter above sea level, which is the highest point where human can reach at Sakurajima (1,117m).

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Arrival at Yunohira Observatory

We came to Yunohira Observatory by car and parked at the following place.


If you take the bus “Sakurajima Island View” at Sakurajima Port, you can arrive near the observatory.


Yunohira Observatory is the popular travel spot.

There are always many travelers including foreign visitors.

2nd floor is the observatory and 1st floor is the shop and wash room.


The view of Sakurajima from the observatory is very impressive!


I came to the 2nd floor of the observatory.


You can see some explanation boards of Sakurajima no learn more about the volcano.


Rocky surface of Mt. Sakurajima.



This is the south view from the observatory.

You can see Mt. Kaimon (924 m) in a distance and Chiringashima Island.


This is the west view from the observatory.

You can see the wonderful sunset view of Kagoshima City at sunset time.

This large lave field was created in 1913 when Sakurajima erupted enormously.


This is the north view from the observatory.

You can see Kirishima mountains in a distance.


This is the west view from the observatory.

Left mountain (Kitadake) has not erupted recently and right mountain (Minamidake) has erupted frequently so far.


I visited the shop at the 1st floor where I found many local souvenirs of Kagoshima.


It will be great to enjoy drinking a cup of tea while sitting at the following place.


Video of Yunohira Observatory

Please enjoy the great view from the observatory.


Travel Information of Yunohira Observatory


  • Car…15 minutes from Sakurajima Port
  • Bus…35 minutes from Sakurajima Port by Island View Bus.

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