Xavier Park (Kagoshima City)



Kagoshima and Father Francisco Xavier has close relationship. I remember that in my school days I memorized the year “1549” as the time when Xavier came to Kagoshima and delivered Christrian religion to Japan for the first time.



Xavier Park

Father Émile Rague established a church at this garden during Meiji era in honor of the achiervement of Xavier. Mr. Rague is also known as the first person who edited French-Japanese dictionary. Sadly, World War II burnt down the church. Only stone wall and the statue of Xavier have remained until now. The bus stop of Xavier Park is the next stop of Kagoshima Chuo Station. There is also a parking lot for rental bycicle “Kagorin”.


There is the Xavier Church across the street of Xavier Park.




Another Historic Site of St. Xavier

Where did St. Xavir land in Kagoshima? The answer is the Gionnosu-cho which is located at the north of Kagoshima City. There is the Gionnosu park where the monument stands to commemorate his arrival. You can take Kagoshima City View Bus to visit the park.

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Address : 4 Higashisengokucho, Kagoshima City