Statue of Godai Tomoatsu (played by Dean Fujioka in Drama “Sunshiny Asa”)



Mr. Godai Tomoatsu is the important historical person in Kagoshima, Japan. Godai is one of three intelegent people of Satsuma Domain (old name of Kagoshima Prefecture) together with Saigo Takamori and Okubo Toshimichi. Godai’s Statue stands at Tenmonkan, Kagoshima City.



Brief Explanation of Godai

Godai Tomoatsu was the samurai at the end of Edo period.

He made his great contribution to economic development of Osaka Prefecture where he was transffered. So, he is known by the name of Osaka’s Benefactor.

Godai Tomoatsu Statue

He has the very thick eyebrow which is the main characteristics of typical Kagoshima people.

Godai Tomoatsu Statue

His statue is located at the downtown of Kagoshima City. He looks like a really smart businessperson.


Withough Godai’s effort to modernize Japan, Japan would never achieve to become the second biggest economic country in the world. I am really appreciated to you and proud of you!


The Life of Godai

He was born at Nagata-cho, Kagoshima City in 1835. At first his name was not Tomoatsu but Tokusuke.

He studies at Nagasaki Naval Traning Center after becaume a samurai of Satsuma Domain.

At the ange of 28 (1863), he was unfortunate to be captured by British Navy during the battle of Satsuma-English War in 1863.

It was just that moment when Godai recognized highly advanced civilization of Britain. He felt it important for Japan to learn modernization from Western Nations. Satsuma Domain ordered him to tackle on trade with Britain.

At the age of 30 (1865), he went to Europe with other students of Satsuma Domain in order to study Spinning industry.

At the age of 33 (1868), he was transffered to Osaka and became a first head officer of Osaka Customs. How young he was to become such a leader. On the contrary, I am a 34-year-old business person with no business title. 🙂

If I were him, I would continue to enjoy the high status. But he was different from me! At the age of 34 (1869), he quit his job of civil servant and started his career as an enterpreneur.

He bacame a first leader of the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry to develope the Osaka Port, build railways, establish the Mint Bureau and the Osaka City University, Osaka Shosen Kaisha. He is the very Osaka’s Father




Godai Tomoatsu Drama

Dean Fujioka plays Godai in the morning drama series “Asa Ga Kita (English name “Sunshiny Asa”). Please watch the following video how he acts in the drama. Withought a doubt he has a handsome appearance. I wish if I had the same cool appearance as him!



Godai Statue

His statue stands in Tenmonkan, Kagoshima City. Do you think he looks like a famous actor Dean Fujioka?

He is also included among the statue in front of Kagoshima Chuo Station.


Delicious Hot Dog Shop near the Statue


Access to Godai Statue

Get off City Tram at Shiyakusho-Mae or Izuro-dori and walk 10 minutes.

Walk Asahi-Dori toward Mt. Sakurajima at the crossroad of Richmond Hotel.

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