Kagoshima City View from northern high area (from Kagoshima-Higashi High School)



Kagoshima City

Kagoshima City has as many as 0.6 million population in a relatively small area.

The city is surrounded by the mountains and the ocean.

It is sometimes inconvenient to live on high areas, but instead, you can have a nice view of the city.

Kagoshima City has a beautiful contrast of the mountain, the city and the ocean.


Summer Fireworks Festival

Fireworks have been held in summer at Kagoshima City.

You can see spectacular photographs of fireworks.

Many local people go up to the nearby mountains and appreciate fireworks.


North of Kagoshima City

There is a Yoshino Park at the northern outskirt of Kagoshima City.

There are many kinds of flowers and you can have a close view of Sakurajima.

Yoshino Prefecture Park

Yoshino Prefecture Park (UME trees in February)

Yoshino Prefecture Park (Sakurajima View)